09 mai 2008

moving 20,000 people

新京报/The Beijing News' Jiang Yanxin reports that Beijing is about to start a new programme of relocating rural residents from areas prone to mud and rock flows:


20,000 rural residents to be moved from areas prone to mud and rock flows


Beijing will begin a new project to relocate rural residents of mountainous areas,  residents relocated this year receive a subsidy of 13,000 yuan per person.




This year Beijing will relocate 5165 rural residents, and the government will provide a relocation subsidy according to a standard of 13,000 yuan per person. Yesterday, the opening ceremony of Beijing Municipality's new mountain districts rural residents relocation programme was held. Up till 2012, Beijing will relocate over 20,000 rural residents from areas prone to mud and rock flows or with poor living conditions.




According to Beijing Municipal Rural Affairs Committe chairman Wang Xiaodong, the principle range of the new mountain districts relocation is areas areas prone to mud and rock flows and areas with poor living conditions, and will involve 59 townships, 283 administrative villages, and 20,972 rural residents of seven mountainous districts and counties, and the timeframe of the relocation project will be from 2008 to 2012.




Beijing started its first project to move rural residents from mountainous areas mined-out or prone to mud and rock flows, completing it at the end of 2007. The whole municipality had over 30,000 people living in mined-out areas or areas prone to mud and rock flows who were relocated out of the danger zone. 

采空区? Best answer I could get was from Baidu Zhidao, and there was another search result on Baidu which seemed to back up the "mined-out area" meaning. Bloody nciku crapped out on me half way through a translation again last night, and is almost, but only almost working again this morning.

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