09 mai 2008

tbn (L) Cui Jian

Wow, I just noticed Cui Jian's getting a lot of love in 新京报/The Beijing News today.

First is this article, reproduced, inexplicably, with a different headline and buggered up "related news" here, and another article, reproduced under the "related news" section of the first article, here

It's all part of their "30 years of reform and opening up" series, which seems to almost dominate their China news section, and today they proclaim:


The 81st period: Chinese rock is born Chinese rock is born Chinese rock is born

Got that?


Cui Jian began with "Nothing to my name"

Well, if TBN's photo is to be believed, he managed to find a guitar, a Qing Dynasty-style shirt, and a red cloth to blindfold himself with:




9 May, 1986, a man wearing a long coat reminiscent of the Qing empire period, a battered guitar on his back, one trouser leg higher than the other, jumped on to the stage of Beijing Workers Gymnasium. This was a "Let the world be filled with love" large-scale pop music concert.




        The audience still hadn't understood what happened when the music started.




        "I have asked you   endlessly/When will you go with me?"




         The audience when silent. Ten minutes letter, the song was ended, and in the warm cheers and applause, Cui Jian was born.




        Chinese rock was born.




        If we think back to that year, Cui Jian says: "Back then reform and opening up had only just started, people who had been repressed for ten years already had too much pent-up emotion, they needed an outlet to vent, express themselves, but didn't know how to find it. We were the first generation to sing rock, as it turns out, we opened that outlet, and so grabbed everybody's attention."

It goes on to take a look back at Cui Jian's early career, including a 1985 pop song competition he and his band were knocked out of in the first round, but sorry, I've got to go to lunch now. Read it yourself.

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