10 mai 2008

waste paper pencils

It's a small article without a lot of detail, but still, 京报网 reports that a small company in Daxing is making pencils out of waste newspapers and doing very well out of it, too: 大兴废报纸做铅笔出口欧美 Daxing makes pencils out of waste newspapers, exports to Europe and America   一张看过的《北京日报》可以生产4支铅笔,一吨废旧报纸可以生产20万支铅笔。大兴区一家民营科技企业利用废报纸做铅笔,去年共生产纸制铅笔3300万 支,相当于节约木材1500立方米。这些环保铅笔走进人民大会堂,成为全国人大、全国政协、商务部等国家机关的专用笔,还出口美国、英国、挪威、澳大利亚 等22个国家和地区。   A copy of "Beijing Daily" that's already been read can produce four pencils,... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2008

tbn (L) Cui Jian

Wow, I just noticed Cui Jian's getting a lot of love in 新京报/The Beijing News today. First is this article, reproduced, inexplicably, with a different headline and buggered up "related news" here, and another article, reproduced under the "related news" section of the first article, here.  It's all part of their "30 years of reform and opening up" series, which seems to almost dominate their China news section, and today they proclaim: 第81期:中国摇滚乐诞生中国摇滚乐诞生中国摇滚乐诞生 The 81st period:... [Lire la suite]
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26 avril 2008

Yanqing transport

Right, now that I'm back from the supermarket, and as I'm cooking and eating lunch: Yanqing's going to get new trains and rearranged highways (and new wells and new heating systems). 新京报/The Beijing News' Liao Ailing reports: 延庆县城将开城郊铁路 Yanqing will open a suburban rail line 力争奥运前开通,届时80分钟可从西直门到延庆 Striving to open before the Olympics. Only 80 minutes from Xizhimen to Yanqing when complete.   昨日,延庆县县长孙文锴做客北京城市服务管理广播时称,一条从西直门出发,途经居庸关、八达岭,直至延庆的短途城郊铁路,力争在奥运会前开通。届时,只需用1小时20分钟就可从市区到达延庆县城。   Yesterday, while a guest... [Lire la suite]
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21 avril 2008

dare I attempt this?

I saw this on the Southern Daily website yesterday, and I almost started translating it, but there's an awful lot of new words.... Well, I gave up yesterday. It's quarter past ten, I have class at one thirty.... I have time. Dare I? Might as well. Although I hope the university's often unreliable excuse for broadband let's me get to nciku sometime soon.... It's a reprint of a Xinhua/People's Daily article on the latest outbreak of hot-blooded patriotism, and it looks like interesting reading:     ... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2008

trouble in Guiyang

So apparently there's been an outbreak of Hepatitis A in Guiyang caused by pollution at a mineral water producer's water source. The Ministry of Health has responded by demanding checks on all the country's mineral water producers. Here's the report by Wei Mingyan in 新京报/The Beijing News: 卫生部急令开查桶装水 Ministry of Health orders urgent inspection of barrelled water 贵阳矿泉水污染致299人染甲肝 299 people in Guiyang infected with hepatitis A from polluted mineral water  ... [Lire la suite]
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11 avril 2008

interesting headlines

So I'm trying to delay going to the office to mark tests- which desperately need to be got out of the way so I can focus on HSK prep (hahahahhahahhahahahahaha!) and I don't get swamped with the next round of tests coming- oh, straight after HSK. Anyway, I thought I'd delay that by opening up the Southern Daily, and I came across two interesting headlines. The first is quite provocative: 穷人再给富人让路? Poor people are giving way to rich people again? I don't really want to try translating the whole article, because skimming... [Lire la suite]
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08 avril 2008

china fta coverage

So I didn't get time to finish all I wanted to do on this post this morning, and promised I'd get back to it this afternoon. Well, the day's classes are over, the housework is done, and so here goes.... I found three articles on Xinhuanet this morning, one in English, and two in Chinese.  The first of the Chinese language articles is simply about the meeting between Wen Jiabao and Helen Clark. [First a note for New Zealand readers: Helen Clark is referred to simply as "Clark", no title other than... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2008

you can't search me

Apparently it's not legal for supermarkets to check shoppers' dockets as they leave the supermarket. Funny, I don't see that happening too often, mostly only at that Thai chain Lotus (at least, I think it's a Thai chain, and I think it's called Lotus....), although I've seen it at one or two other large supermarkets scattered around the country over the years. It always struck me as being utterly absurd- yeah, that's right, I used my Bruce Lee kung fu powers to fly back over the cashiers and steal a whole bunch of stuff then... [Lire la suite]
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03 avril 2008

Uh oh

It's not the sky that's falling, it's the earth. 新京报/The Beijing News reports: 蓟门桥西辅路塌陷三米深坑 Three metre deep hole opens in the side road west of Jimen Bridge Now, let's see if I can get their picture in here: Looks ok... Now the text:   工作人员下坑查看情况。昨晚9时许,北三环入口蓟门桥西段的辅路中央,塌陷出约3米深坑,其周围20平方米左右的 路面为后修补路面。交警封闭辅路交通,将车辆疏导到主路行驶。抢修车刨开路面连夜抢修。现场路政抢修工作人员分析,可能是自来水管线泄漏致路面塌陷,具体 原因仍需调查。   Workers went into the hole to examine the situation. At about 9 last night, in the centre of the on-ramp from the side road on to... [Lire la suite]
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03 avril 2008

moving 150,000 people?

Well, last night I said I'd do this, and now that I'm breakfasted and have a reasonable amount of Longjing in me (oops, need a refill...), I'll get stuck in. Trouble with finding an interesting-looking article at 7:15 is that lzh and I go to a colleague's place for a study-session at 7:30. lzh tutors him, I do my own study (usually HSK practice tests, but last night it was a page and a half from 《活着》). Anyway, as promised, here it is, from 新京报/The Beijing News' Li Liqiang: 东城15万居民拟外迁朝阳区 150,000 Dongcheng residents plan to... [Lire la suite]
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