10 mai 2008

waste paper pencils

It's a small article without a lot of detail, but still, 京报网 reports that a small company in Daxing is making pencils out of waste newspapers and doing very well out of it, too:


Daxing makes pencils out of waste newspapers, exports to Europe and America


一张看过的《北京日报》可以生产4支铅笔,一吨废旧报纸可以生产20万支铅笔。大兴区一家民营科技企业利用废报纸做铅笔,去年共生产纸制铅笔3300万 支,相当于节约木材1500立方米。这些环保铅笔走进人民大会堂,成为全国人大、全国政协、商务部等国家机关的专用笔,还出口美国、英国、挪威、澳大利亚 等22个国家和地区。


A copy of "Beijing Daily" that's already been read can produce four pencils, one ton of waste newspapers can produce 20,000 pencils. A privately owned science and technology company in Daxing District is successfully using waste newspapers to make pencils, producing altogether 33,000,000 paper-made pencils last year, saving the equivalent of 1500 cubic metres of wood. These environmentally-friendly pencils have entered the Great Hall of the People and have become the official pencils of such organs as the NPC, CPPCC, and Ministry of Commerce, and are exported to 22 countries and regions including the USA, UK, Norway and Australia.




This company has completely subsituted waste paper for wood in the production of pencils, not only turning waste into treasure, but also achieving the environmentally friendly aim of the pencils. They've adopted high temperature, high pressure physics technology to turn the paper to wood to make pencils. No adhesives are used throughout the whole process, and a heat floating technique is used to remove most of the ink from the waste newspaper.

Alright, what the hell is a "热熔漂浮"? None of the tools at my disposal enlighten me (and nciku is working right now).

Anyway, this is pretty cool, turning waste paper into pencils and apparently, judging by how widely used these pencils seem to be, making a pretty decent profit out of it. It would be nice if京报网 would tell us which company is doing this, so we could congratulate them properly, and maybe even buy a few. 

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