26 mai 2008


Well, I got this phone call about half past ten this morning asking "你是王博吗?" (Are you Wang Bo?), having no idea who was calling, I hesitantly responded "是" (yes). And then he said my HSK results were waiting at the front desk of the foreign students' dorm. So I grabbed my stuff, slipped some sandals on, and went down there. But I felt really nervous, ridiculously nervous. More nervous than when I even sat the test! That's absurd! I've never felt that way about exam results before ever in my life! ... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2008

waste paper pencils

It's a small article without a lot of detail, but still, 京报网 reports that a small company in Daxing is making pencils out of waste newspapers and doing very well out of it, too: 大兴废报纸做铅笔出口欧美 Daxing makes pencils out of waste newspapers, exports to Europe and America   一张看过的《北京日报》可以生产4支铅笔,一吨废旧报纸可以生产20万支铅笔。大兴区一家民营科技企业利用废报纸做铅笔,去年共生产纸制铅笔3300万 支,相当于节约木材1500立方米。这些环保铅笔走进人民大会堂,成为全国人大、全国政协、商务部等国家机关的专用笔,还出口美国、英国、挪威、澳大利亚 等22个国家和地区。   A copy of "Beijing Daily" that's already been read can produce four pencils,... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2008

tbn (L) Cui Jian

Wow, I just noticed Cui Jian's getting a lot of love in 新京报/The Beijing News today. First is this article, reproduced, inexplicably, with a different headline and buggered up "related news" here, and another article, reproduced under the "related news" section of the first article, here.  It's all part of their "30 years of reform and opening up" series, which seems to almost dominate their China news section, and today they proclaim: 第81期:中国摇滚乐诞生中国摇滚乐诞生中国摇滚乐诞生 The 81st period:... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2008

moving 20,000 people

新京报/The Beijing News' Jiang Yanxin reports that Beijing is about to start a new programme of relocating rural residents from areas prone to mud and rock flows: 两万农民将搬离泥石流易发区 20,000 rural residents to be moved from areas prone to mud and rock flows 北京启动新一轮山区农民搬迁工程,今年搬离居民每人补贴1.3万元 Beijing will begin a new project to relocate rural residents of mountainous areas,  residents relocated this year receive a subsidy of 13,000 yuan per person.  ... [Lire la suite]
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